About Us

Photo credits to Jubliant Photography

Our Story

Meet Sammy, she is the owner and Pastry Chef for Dream Confections. Her passion is creating edible art to celebrate and create memories with those you hold most dear.  She creates a centerpiece for your event that is pleasing to the eye and palate.

Sammy has always enjoyed being in the kitchen, since she was a little girl. She started with taking classes at Sur La Table and after high school attended Le Cordon Bleu, to master her passion in creating edible art! She began her business as Sammy Cakes in 2011 and knew that she was meant for something greater. She is now continuing her passion as Dream Confections specializing in custom cake, cookies and vegan macarons. 

Photo credits to Jubliant Photography

Family is important

 She is also a mother to a beautiful little boy and a wife to an amazing husband (our occasional taste testers). 

Family is important to us, every order that leaves our kitchen is filled with the same amount of love she pours into her family.

Photo credits to Jubliant Photography

Cake is not just Cake

A cake should NEVER be just a CAKE. It's a centerpiece, conversation starter, and most importantly a memory you will share with friends and family.  We make a luxurious buttercream that is not over sweet and has a beautiful finish, almost a smooth as fondant!

We put all our LOVE and TALENT into every cake to bring your dream cake to life! Contact us today so we can get to know you and learn more about your dream cake!